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Scary Side Of?

Scary Side of a Children Author

Yes, it has been reported that children literary has continued to excel in the industry and many children’s authors have been able to cross over to other genres. The authors that have been successful at this are rare.

Children's books vary in regard to age. So, knowing your audience (age of readers)is huge. I always loved the idea of illustrating my own books. Picture books have been my passion. Yet, as you develop and you will! The creative process will expand not only your knowledge as well as your mind.

The real test for Children's book author is not your creativity, it will be the difficulty of earning a living in this field. The cost you will spend in the process and the competition is vast. It's not unusual for authors to moonlight. In ways of a school visit, conference, and freelancing to supplement their income.

I know, I am not alone in times where I've hit a brick wall. To ask ourselves, why do we keep at it? It always comes back to passion, our God giving gift as an artist, as a storyteller. We have to and that is why we need our writer's tribe. A group that will pick us up and tell us you got this. We need to take the time to support each other. We're so busy with our next creation, our next writer gig, our next what ever! Stop writing to see the words on the screen and start tuning into your tribe and the people that follow you. Let them know your not a scary machine. Writing can be a beautiful gift but it can also be a lonely journey.

Take a few minutes to get deep with your writing.

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