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I'm so glad you could join me in the world of make-believe. We will be traveling to some exciting and fun places. So buckle-up and get ready to have a great time! Click on any link to find out more information.

What I Lovecover fib.jpg
What I Love About My Pet
Fill In The Blank Activity Book

ISBN-10 : 1978257007

ISBN-13 : 978-1978257009

Just fill in the blanks to create your very own unique book that celebrates life with your pet. A very inspirational gift for animal lovers everywhere. Make it Silly, Sweet, or Hilarious! It’s easy and fun!
Children's Bedtime Story Picture Book
Way Out Adventures

ISBN-13: 978-1479220236



Pack your bags as Will and his dog Olive set out for adventures! Come along with Will and Olive to visit friends in the land of make-believe.


Adventurous Readers will want to plan their next trips with Will and Olive again and again. Writer and illustrator Sommer Hamilton will send you to her world of make-believe.

Children's Bedtime Story Picture Book
Did I Scare You?



Children are always up for a Spooktacular story. Did I Scare You? teaches children the joy of reading and the endless possibilities of their imagination. It also scares away the scary and allows silly fun for everyone.

Coming Soon!!

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