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There is one thing for certain life is fragile. And for the ones that want to conquer the world. May I say this, I hope you get to. It’s the year 2022, a year of amazing possibilities, a year for space, clean energy, and save the planet. yet where are we? On the brink of a war from just another dictator who’s enjoying his wealth and power over humanity.

How can we ever move forward with these types of leaders of power in place. I think about my boys and their family, as do every mother and father. In the back of my mind it keeps me up at night. My family would tell me to turn off the news. I can’t turn away. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and grandparents each and everyone of them deserve the life we are living right now. In the life of “Me Now Movement” I’m saying life as we know it is not guaranteed, it’s Fragile and we all play a part for everyone. How can we speak of peace and happiness without rising up to the evil that would destroy all of us? By standing together!

How has the New World effected your life and what are you doing to savor more of the precious moments?

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