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Returning To Natures Ways

In my studies of my families Cherokee Heritage, I have discovered how the indians and many other cultures master nature’s way of healing their people for generations. There’s a new sense of urgency of returning back to traditional remedies. Big Pharma has done more harm than good and has made sure that you are addicted to their toxic remedies. We are looking past the days of establishment and the greed of healthcare organizations. There’s a real need for traditional organic medicine. As we learn to trust the power of the creator and the harmony of nature. Where there’s no addiction, no side effects or loss of life saving to fight a serious medical condition.

More doctors and scientists are starting to integrating alternate medicines and therapy into their practice. There’s been numerous articles of healing properties of herbal remedies and oils. I’ve been practicing it in my home for sometime now and I invite you to do the same in yours. As we take back control over our wellness for our family's health. We need to stop relying on big Pharma to do the right thing by us, they never will. However, we can do something about it with the ingredients that nature provides.

On my Pinterest Board at Author Sommer Hamilton, Green Thumb. There are many pins of herbal and oils remedies that you can start right now for better health. I will be adding more soon. I would love to hear what's working for you and what your trying. While your there, don't forget to like, share and follow.

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