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Children's Author Sommer Hamilton


Children's Author Sommer Hamilton and owner of - Adventure with Sommer Hamilton Blog
Welcome! To my about me page, My name is Sommer. As a young girl, I began writing after spending time in my mother's personal library and creating my own world of make-believe. I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my husband, Mark, my son William, and a dog named Sam. 
I live in the most astonishing world of make-believe, my home is filled with artists of all kinds of writers, artists, musicians, aspiring chef's dominate every room. There are no terrible creations; just make it beautiful is my motto. Writing and Illustrating provided me with an excellent opportunity and inspiration to create. 
My blog is about my life and my passions on average; I am posting monthly. My audience includes families, moms, animal lovers, and artists from all walks of life. I host, and guest host events for libraries, open house, retail, public speaking events for Girl Scout, schools, libraries, writer festivals. Published in Better Homes and Gardens in 2008 (Your Best Ideas for Outdoor Halloween Decor), Contest winner for At Home Holiday campaign 2014. 
My family believes in making memories and enjoying your best life. We are always up for a new adventure or the next treasure hunt and spending time with Mother Nature. I love sharing my passion for imagination with the world through my Children's books, workshops, events, and my blog with kids of all ages. 

I enjoy visiting schools to talk to kids about writing and drawing. If you'd like to have me attend your school, you can email me at for information on availability and pricing.

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