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Life & Joyfulness

What makes life joyful? It’s time to ask ourselves this question. The answer is different for everyone. Justifying our importance to our mental health and our higher self.

The days of being burdened with schedules, tasks, and plans have descended on us. When was the last time we looked up from our schedules? When did we get everything accomplished? Letting go of the demands we have been conditioned to will not be instant.

However, it needs to happen.

We tell ourselves one day we’ll get to that travel log, the she-shed, or that garden.

We must make our happiness and shake off the mundane and burned-out actions. So, let’s break it down and get started.

  1. We have the technology to create time for ourselves.

  2. Crockpot dinner ahead of time

  3. DVR your shows

  4. Shopping curb pick-up

  5. Laundry at bedtime

  6. No business on your days off

  7. Start your joyful dream now

  8. Feel that yourself smiling more.

  9. Notice that you are living your joyful life

  10. Never let daily mundane and burnout rule again.

Stop glorifying being busy and focus on carving out more time to be the happier you.

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