• Sommer Hamilton

Revamping Your Social Media

Where will your dreams take you in life? How do you imagine yourself as a doctor, writer or teacher how does your social media match your dreams?

When posting do you post the right image and content for your dream world?

All great questions to think about.

Instead of posting your selfies with a lot of random images does it match your dream world?

It really doesn't have to be just a thousand photos of your art because that's your passion.

My own experience with viewing other social media pages, you can become more or less bored. Which can lead to, I'm over it for a while. The trick is to make social media work for you.

What we fear can hurt us in the grand scheme of things. We need to master our fear that paralyzes us to move forward. We also need to question everything in our world. The need to stop stereotyping ourselves and other women. It's the only way we can make advances for all of us. Either help or get out of the way!

We need to ask for help when we're stuck. Building our own confidence by going after the dragon and standing our ground. Telling the world our dreams matter too!

How do you live in your dream world, while we're in the real world? We match it up to what's in our head. Creating your dream world in your home, at work, on your social media.

You can experience your dream now! There are lots of volunteer opportunities to try it before you buy it. Be creative and have fun with it, Don't wait to live it now.

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