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I have always said it takes a village to make a small town create a positive and creative environment.

What happens when your small town starts growing in a pandemic? The life changing events in the economy and the way our work environments have had to shift dealing with the decision to close or adapt.

I think the we would all agree that our community Leaders need to be more transparent about how and where they communicate information. What’s the point of creating a community app, if you drop old data in a few icons on an app. It sends the message you either don’t care or it’s not important to you. Either way, you have lost your communities trust and possible vote on your ability for your position.

Go where the community communicates and ask questions, like Facebook, Instagram or your city community board.

Don’t make your community search for information. While your at it make sure all contact information is correct. That let’s your community know your engaged and involved with your voice, ideas, your needs are important to the growth of your small town.

As for the community we need to help come up with problems solving and doable creativity. Here are ten items we can do that will also make our community, beautiful, creative, friendly and involved, little things that make a big change.

  1. Light it up! Outside Los Angeles, California there is a magical tree that lights

up the neighborhood.

  1. Bench Me Please! have a bench you don’t know what to do with? Donate it to a school are park.

  2. Slow Your Go! Make up signs to remind people coming through your neighborhood to slow down for children and wildlife.

  3. Get Rid Of It Day! Instead on twice a year, make it once a month.

  4. Plant A Tree, plant a beautiful native tree that brings beauty and health.

  5. Solar Please! Add some solar panels and get Eco friendly and save money.

  6. Volunteer for the day.

  7. Post your love and beauty for your community.

  8. Have A Seat! Conversation chairs in your front yard to welcome your neighbors.

  9. Keep a water bowl out side for wild

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