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COVID 19 And Our Children

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

More then a few experts believe our new pandemic will cause a social crisis for our children. It has already deepening the divide in our belief, social and political. This will cause our children a since of insecurities and our younger children mirroring that of their parents. The out come for small children is fear that is crippling, for older children it self isolation and depression.

We as parents are so busy trying to navigate our way in this crisis. We have to face our burden of our new COVID world. It’s easy to fall into the abyss and even harder to crawl out of, we need strong leaders and more support systems in place for all. However, As parents and adults we have to be vigilant with our own self health and communication that will help us all find balance, helping ourselves, our children, love ones and friends.

There are no easy answers in this new world of COVID-19, we have to make sure we have the real important conversations about our emotions and how we are feeling, our families, our schools and our children in order to avoid these social crisis. We should be having these conversations regularly and making sure we’re not projecting these overwhelming feelings on to our young children.

If there was ever a time to put down your phone and talk its Now!

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