• Sommer Hamilton

National Library Week

It is no secret that one of the first places to open their doors and welcome you as a new author is your public Library. As soon as you walk through the doors you feel you’re at home. That’s not just the feelings of authors but for everyone that passes through those doors. The Library has been a refuge for authors, children, adults, elderly, animals, and the zoo, it’s a place of knowledge, fantasy, history, magic, education. It is a place of kindness and love, a place of discovery and community, a place of enlightenment. Our Library is an extension of our home. A place where you are safe and staff are there to let you wander through the shelves or help you find what you need to bring you joy, heals your soul, or to create a magic show. Our Library, “Lago Vista Public Library, is our Sanctuary of knowledge. There are more demands than ever on our libraries. Libraries have always provided us with fantastic service to patrons and communities. So our answer as authors and patrons should always be yes to help give back. Even in a time of quarantine, they are still reaching out. It’s National Library Week now is a great time to reach out to your Library, check out a book online, sign up for a library card, get involved, volunteer, and keep giving your library love by sharing all the reasons you love your Library. Also, check out the article with ALA on Find your place at the Library. Reach out today!! Thank you, Jan Steele, Peggy Gibson, Sharon Macut, Don Barthlow, Gerald Evans, Dan Olson, Trisha Upchurch, Mike Zaydel

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