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We all know why it's important to read to a child. Just to name a few, language skills, concentration, passion for knowledge, adventures, and imagination.

However, the art of telling a great story is very tribal. In the past, before we set down with writing tools, there were drawing tools that gave insight to a storyteller's imagination.

The storyteller of the day would spin tells about what was happen in their tribes.

In today's modern time storyteller's have developed into writers. The modern-day writer can craft a story worldwide. The writer's fingers draw ink from every keystroke and are only limited by their imagination.

Mom's everywhere know the power behind reading to their child. The ritual of a hot meal with your family after a busy day. A warm bath the wonderful tuck in, your mom's soft voice as she reads your favorite book.

At the end of the book, there would always be questions. Sometimes it would prolong mom's visit as the child holds their mother captive. Other times it would be one more story... please!

Whatever the reasons were, you said your goodnight and kissed their forehead. You knew the day ended just the way you wanted it to.

With my own children, I tweaked the ritual, by reading their favorite stories and having them tell me a story before bed.

My writer's mind wanted to see what their imagination could come up with, I was never disappointed. A child's mind is a universe of creativity.

Developing a reader is so important to a child, Develop a storyteller is important to the world.

I would encourage trying this technique, you might be surprised.

Please share your child's stories with us, we would love to hear from you.

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