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Slowing Your Pace

Slowing Your Pace

Slowing your pace, that's a reminder to oneself when you're living in a small town. In a small town, your community becomes your extended family. A wealth of information is only a conversation away. For the most part, it's perfectly blissful. With beautiful views in the morning. Mother Nature is putting on her best for the day. Your coffee is ready just in time for the show. The birds are singing and deer are grazing. The morning calls out to you letting you know to be grateful and to stop and smell the roses.

Our children can still play outside until dinner is ready, entertainment is a media shower or a football game. You will always be only a phone call away if you're in need of help. There are no traffic jams and yes people stop by unexpectedly in goodwill. Our children are happy and uncomplicated. There have been rumors that we have been known to spank, some are probably true. Yes! We do know where our children are and for the most part we could tell you where to find yours. There is no hurry for there is nowhere to go. That's just fine with us.

Finding your footing is a work of art and just like family, you will be judged so you tend to walk carefully if you're a newcomer. After awhile it becomes second nature, there will always be the ones that could careless or the trouble makers but they get weeded out pretty fast. However, for the ones that are paying attention, it's exactly where we want to be. We get it! The saying it takes a village holds true in a small town.

You don't have to be over sixty to appreciate the pace and acknowledge your not clinging to your purse when your shopping or locking your doors in the daytime. The only skeletons in the closet are the ones you put there after Halloween is over. For the most part, your life is pretty vanilla and it suits you fine. You will find yourself taking deep breaths when you're outside, you will find the need to open windows, walk the dog, dust off your bike and ride. You will walk outside at night and gaze up at the stars and listen to the animals that are busy with their hunt. You will start to attend all the local festivities before you know it you have changed.

Bad or good you're not just another face in the crowd. Your part of this extended family and small town folks will take you at face value. You will want to come with an open mind and the willingness to embrace your newly found piece of heaven. Your pace is slowing, little things that bother you before seem a bit trifle. Small town life anywhere is not for the weak but for a few it's exactly what is needed.

Signing off from the desk of Small Town Anywhere, Sommer Hamilton

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