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Home Is Where Your Story Beings

Home Is Where Your Story Beings

My Dad, Ed Hunsaker. Picture taken in the 1970's

Tamra Flournoy

Me, Tamra Flournoy - Picture taken a few years ago.

Even though my mother’s creative flare contributed significantly to my personality and values, my dad gets credit for inspiring me to become an author. My dad was a consummate storyteller, and no one enjoyed hearing his antics and colorful stories more than me. Whether he was weaving a tale about climbing up a fog-banked mountain to get his pretty schoolteacher a Christmas tree, or covertly evading security guards to paint the words, “SLOW MO” on the local school bus, I hung on his every word. His stories never got old. I could listen to them over and over again. In fact, I did! And it wasn’t just me either. Everyone loved to sit at Dad’s feet when he got warmed up. His charisma, his mischievous smile and his high energy were not just entertaining, they were addictive! I hope that with my stories, I in some small way pay his legacy forward.

About Me

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and am the oldest of five children. We lived mostly there until I was eight years old. For two years we were privileged to share our home with Lily Salt, who became my sister with the Indian Placement Program. Through this exposure, my mind was opened to an entire culture. (One that I used in Book One: Walking With the Wind.) When I was eight, we moved from Phoenix to Melbourne, Florida. While there, my parents took us camping all over the place. We especially enjoyed The Ocala National Forest. It was a magical place with icy cold springs, and fantastic hiking trails. Every time I swam in the springs, I imagined they were the Fountain of Youth. (Themes that I used in Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers.)

I currently live in central Texas. I have five children of my own (but I count six.) All of them are adults now, and I am reveling in staying young with my grandchildren. I recently finished my degree at Brigham Young University and enjoy getting involved in my community, church, and our local choral group.

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