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Your A Masterpiece

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Much has happened in the world of creatives and some would describe it as liberating. I find it as carefully orchestrated to modify ones uniqueness into product of choice.

We are already in the implementation phase where actions are in motion. The most important part is for you to recognize who you are. God made you a master with your own unique purpose. You have the right to request your master’s rightful blessings to support and assist you. To over come any obstacles and demand that it’s cleared and remove from your path.

Make sure your listening to the right voice, your intuition. You’re a creative masterpiece and you are moving out of the game of polarity. If you’re not seeing your creative work manifest as others it is because you are letting polarity master you. Get right with your enter voice, get quiet and master your storyline in your mind.

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