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I know you're out there sitting in front of your computer screen digging deep to put together a story to be shared. Searching for the perfect formula of words to awakening a world that has no time for patients, no time for your cleverness, no time for your inspiration.

In the depths of your mind you’re questioning everything. Have I got it right this time? Will it hold someone’s attention? Will it have a chance to make it past the critics? Will it ever make it past the publishers desk? Should I just start over?

At the same time trying to convince yourself why you should just quit. Go on and live a normal life, be content with your family, friends and your job. Why put yourself through this, let it go and be happy.

Yes, you tell yourself all kinds of half truths to calm the constant battle that rages on in our mind. Like the warriors that went to war willingly knowing they might not be victorious. You know you have come so far and there’s no turning back. You walk with warriors behind you, yet the journey is only yours, your alone.

The universe has called only you to tell the story and bring it to life. You just have to find the story that the universe wants you to tell. So cleverly simple but yet so vast.

So let’s walk this journey and let's take the small rewards when we can get them. Let's shelter and care for one another when we can. Let’s take pride in accomplishing another paragraph, another page, another design, another article, another post. another book because that's what we do. While the world sleeps the universe is constantly up loading her secrets to us and we will continue to create.

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