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Emotional Creatures

We are all emotional creatures. We live by our emotions our brain's highway is set up that way. Its path is the spinal cord, the Limbic system is the front of your brain (your feelings ), and you're rationally thinking is at the back of your brain. So, why do some people react to their emotions with a knee jerk reaction? It's because of their low EQ, and that can hurt anyone's journey. Mastering our understanding our EQ can create our best life.

We can approach challenges in a more controlled and factual knowledgeable way when we learn to master our EQ. A low EQ can cause our emotions to be hijacked continuously. Emotional intelligence helps you recognize and understand your feelings and others as well. Helping us to make decisions and achieve our best results.

Some people have a fantastic EQ, does an EQ matter? Absolutely! If you want to be successful in your professional and personal life. EQ is all about controlling your emotions and fears. The ability to access your rational thinking and stop others from hijacking yours. In doing so, you give yourself back your power. We're at an on-slot of people with low EQ that challenge us daily. Once you can control your own EQ, you will be able to manage your decisions with confidence.

There are lots of books on the subject. So I encourage you to get in touch with your own EQ and start clearing your path to a higher EQ. My recommendation is:

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