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Cruising the Caribbean With The Family

- On the Carnival Breeze

It’s a time to relax and recharge with the family. Our last cruise on Carnival Liberty was Extraordinary and checked off all the boxes for our family. Captain Giuseppe Giusa and his amazing crew made it look easy. That trip was pre Pandemic and I am happy to say this cruise is post pandemic. Yes, our world has changed a lot since then and it’s now time to get out and see the world again. The last cruise I was with my husband, older son and my teenager, this curse I travel with my husband and my youngest son that will be turning 21 a few days when we retune from our cruise. We will celebrate that beautiful occasion on board The Carnival Breeze.

If you’ve never been on a cruise, Let me set your mind at ease there are plenty of things to do on a Carnival cruise ship and if you just need to recharge and relax you can do that to, plenty places on the Carnival to do that in as well. Carnival Breeze has a library on board and I am look forward to exploring everything she has to offer. When the boys are busy having fun with all their activities. I plan to try to wrap up my fourth book, I’m excited to get finished. When you think about places where writers write, have you ever imagine tolling away while cruise the high seas? What a magical adventure for any writer.

There are retuning port of calls that we will make and of course our favorite places and shopping that we must visit before we are back at sea. I love watch the sunset

and enjoying morning coffee on our balcony it a must do. Carnival cruise are meant to be enjoyed so do yourself a favor stock your fridge before you get on board spend a little bit more and get the stateroom with the balcony you won’t regret it, if you’re celebrating special occasion like a birthdays, anniversaries or Honey Moon look at the packages and sign-up before you get on board. Regret nothing and plan ahead! Just a few more tips:

  • If you want to know where you are at sea at any giving time check your in-room TV Information Channel.

  • Buy your pictures the day ahead of time, are you will have to look through hundreds.

  • You want your suitcases to have a ribbon that stands out to locate them when you're returning home.

  • Know your ships layout

  • Map out Guest Service and how to get there.

  • Yes to formal dining it's worth it.

  • The ship's crew are wonderful and work so hard, so be nice! Please, and Thank You!

So, stay tuned-in for all the excitement! Have questions for the crew or something you would like me to look into while I am on board? DM me at

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