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Confessions Of The Carpool Line

Previously On My Life In The Carpool Line: Sneak Peek!

With a good dose of brainwashing, the school year will be incredible. My son and I make for the car, who hasn't bothered to tie his shoes, brushed his hair all summer. We pull out of the driveway to pick up our passengers on the carpool list.

In my not so stylish jammies, house shoes that are hanging on by a thread, a hat with a cup of Joe to wake the human side of me up. There are probably a few moms that think I'm a stay-at-home mom or a bag lady who has lost her cart.

However, if you pull back the curtain, you will find that I also help my husband maintain a company that believes that one man can do it all, at the same time, trying to convince myself and everyone around me that I am a writer. So far, the dream has escaped me.

The list of projects keeps pouring in. So I have this creepy doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on. By sundown, I'm ready to tear off someone's head.

by Sommer Hamilton

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