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Dog Run!

Hi Sam here, crazy dog mom has been worrying that I'm not getting enough exercise. I have to disagree, between trash pick-up, UPS and the mailman I'm getting a brisk run every morning and afternoon.

It's a great workout! I love that I'm being part of the community and keeping everyone on their toes. I am even getting recognized for my efforts. I'm still a little confused about the treats dilemma.

Do I get treats with trash pick-up or UPS deliveries? I just want to mention that the last time UPS dropped off a package, I did not get a treat. Just saying! Or does the mailman give out treats? So confusing!

I personally think that Sammie treats should be standard for all services that come to my house. I'm still looking for a Sponsor for my Barkblog, so if you're out there come and find me.

By the way, my new forever home is working out just great. I now have a day groove with my forever family. I got to meet a lot of our neighbors at my crazy dog mom Derby party. I really got the feeling they love me too.

So save a life and adopt today!

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