• Sommer Hamilton

To Bone Are Not?

Hi Sam here, To bone or not to bone! That is the question. That's the question crazy dog mom is asking herself. Twice since I've been with my forever family, I have been giving a bone. Both times they were delicious! Not too long after each bone, I was throwing up.

The first time was in my dog pad which crazy dog mom calls a kennel. I was mortified and it was all over my new cool dog bed. The next time was the early morning hours in the living room. Crazy dog mom was not too happy about it and neither was my stomach.

So crazy dog mom went online to the American Kennel Club to find out more about bones for dogs. After reading the article "Game of Bones" she decided that it just wasn't worth the risk. The article stating the chance of health issues that might lead to intestinal blockage, nasty bout, constipation, Legionnaire of the mouth and internal organs failure.

Crazy dog Mom feels that we better be on the safe side and have dogie treats instead. My favorite treats are the peanut butter snacks in the Kong treat toy. I personally give it four paws up and one lick! Why Kong? Check out the Chewy's Kong link.

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