• Sommer Hamilton

Lucky Dog!

Hi, Sam here just wanted to share why I might be the luckiest dog on the planet.

I'm not down with going to the Vanguard Mobile Vet for shots. Crazy dog mom loves Vanguard Mobile Services.

So far I have managed to escape shots twice because of my old friend Mother Nature.

Crazy dog mom said I might be impossible with the storm and getting shots. So here I sit all comfy and shot-less. Don't know why country dogs ever need shots.

By the way, I'm loving the whole sitting on the front porch thing. It's nice and cool on my belly and so much is happening.

Just need to keep my eyes on crazy dog mom. You never know when she is going to leave or try to get me into the car again for shots.

Did you know it's National Pet Day? Celebrate with your pet today! If you're looking to adopt check your local animal shelters.

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Got to go hang out on the porch! We'll chat later.


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