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Mix Tapes For Dogs

Hey there! Sam here checking-in on the BarkBlog. Just wanted to tell you some exciting news, about my mix CD. I have separation anxiety and after doing some research, we came across an article about mix-tapes for your pets.

What's in a pet mix CD? It's 30 minutes of recorded family conversation on a repeat cycle. Crazy dog mom swears by it! The other day dad had to leave for a meeting. This is when I usually panic, with my new mix CD. I felt as if he had never left.

Crazy dog mom was very impressed. There's also dog TV, I am loving all this new furbabies technology. It's great! Crazy dog mom plans to order me Kong from Chewy's to keep me busy when she is away.

Hey, maybe would like to sponsor me? Chewy if you're out there come and find me! I'm seeking sponsors for my BarkBlog to help grow awareness for pet adoption.

I am Sam, I'm adopted! Please consider adopting your furbaby at a shelter near you. They are waiting for their forever home. Check out our Austin Animal Center to adopted.

Sign up for my mailing list and send us your adopted story. Got to go! The mailman will be coming soon.

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