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Oh Sam!

Hi everyone, this is Sam coming to you from my first blog post. I have a new forever family and my own blog right here called BarkBlog. I will be sharing life with my forever family, why to consider an older dog, like myself. products I love and why not Sponsor me!

First I want to give paw love to all my friends still waiting for their forever homes in shelters in the great USA. Also to Erath County Human Society that's where I am from. So please adopt some of my friends in Stephenville, Texas

I could not have imagined that I could be so loved by my forever family and have a purpose to help other furbabies get their forever home too.

Not sure how I am going to do all of this, but my crazy dog mom said she would help me. Just my luck crazy dog mom is also a writer. Who knew! Check out her website, that's where my BarkBlog is located.

Crazy dog mom said since I don,t have money or Sponsors yet we would have to share her site. It's okay with me, what I don't have in finance I make up for in kisses. I'm a country dog that just wanders around, so the leash thing is new. The boy said it was like walking a cat, but I'm a free spirit.

Crazy dog mom said I have separation anxieties, but I guess that was due to when they left me alone the first time I shredded all the blinds in the house, ate a door and a bag of chips. In my defense, I thought I would never see them again.

The good news is I been doing well with my crate training and crazy dog mom said she will take me to get another Pup cup. Have you had one of these? There Great!

By the way, crazy dog mom is looking for Sponsor for her new book "What I Love About My Pet/Fill In The Blank). Hey with that kind of a title it must be good! Love the cover and give it five muddy paws up.

Love my blog go ahead and bark about it to all your friends and don't forget to leave me a comment.

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