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Comments Matter

Why are comments important to writers and bloggers? The world of writers and bloggers is a very competitive world indeed.

When readers leave a comment on a writer's post or page it extends the conversation. This is a chance to discover and learn more about what the reader is interested in.

You're important to us! Now more than ever your voice matters and we are listening. I have come across a few articles on etiquette and how to write quality comments. I'm here to tell you we could care less about that.

What we want to know is what's keeping you up at nights or what you want to see more of this year. As a wife, mother of 4 boys, sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously when it comes to the right way to do things.

We are writing to you every week. Believe me, there is no wrong way to write a comment.

I've had followers comment on errors in a post or a link that's not working, It happens for various reasons. I've also had feedback for making someone laugh with a post. Whatever the reason I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read, comment and follow.

Thank you for reading this post and your continued support and encouragement.

What stops you with leaving a comment? Is it a matter of time or something else?

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