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What’s Wrong With Color?

What’s wrong with color in our homes? Our social media and magazines are filled with pages of today’s must-follow gurus with their conception farmhouse style. White walls, white furniture, white countertops, white curtains, see the void?

It’s puzzling because we don’t live on a white planet, just step outside your door. In nature, you are surrounded by every color in the crayon box. Our beautiful planet invites you to explore all of her extraordinary gifts all saturated with color. Color properties have the ability to promote emotion, impact, and discovery. So, why would you not want to include color on the walls of your home?

We don’t live outside, why not bring that wonderful feeling in with you. To feel that emotion in nature’s color, coziness, and beauty. That’s how I want to feel in my own home. In the rooms of my house, they are slashed with color and I love the way the light comes through the windows casting shadows on the walls and ceilings. In the evening the lights in the house cast an array of a kaleidoscope that is truly beautiful.

Your home should embrace the emotions that make you feel. I’m a Maximus, my house is not staged for the showroom floor it tells a story of emotion all its own. My home’s name is Stargazer Cottage and she is pretty in color. Don’t be afraid of color, you just might love it!

How do you feel about bringing color into your home?

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