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The Writer's Plight

Oh, the plight of writers, it is the tale of two cities. One the writer needs to write the other the readers that are looking for that next book they can fall in love with. More times than not, the two never meet, it is a sad story indeed.

Some writers are too wordy, some not enough, some plots are too hard to follow, well, you know! We could go on, but why. This is because there is a certain amount of chaos that goes along with writing. If your an indie writer depending on who you publish with, there are those publisher guidelines; each publisher can be slightly different. If you're with traditional publishing, that too has a different set of instructions. As a writer, you try to write with the guidelines in mind.

There are other platforms and writer gurus that are on every social media that claim to be the experts on writing, and what you should do as a writer. Believe me, I have read and seen my fair share. Have I came out the other side any wiser? I would like to think so. However, most are nothing more than a sales pitch that they have been instructed to write.

What I would like my writer friends and my reader friends to know. It is not one size fits all. The beauty of a writer is their unique view about life, people, and the world. It can be just what the readers are looking for. As the world continues to demand we writers write for the masses, I still believe there are a few that can write about unicorns and capture all the unicorn readers of the world.

I write for Children, and I am that kind of a writer, and I like to think I have a place here too.

How do you feel about your work as a writer?

Do you believe that the amount of information out there is a distraction?

Have you developed your own formula that works for you?

I would love to hear from you!

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