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Room at the Inn

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

OK, I’m not going to lie it was a short turnaround trip on the Fourth of July weekend. Let me tell you to get in a room on a holiday weekend is no easy feat. It seemed like we made a hundred phone calls. Okay, maybe not a hundred. Only to find one hotel that was willing to put us up within walking distance of the boardwalk in Kemah.

Scottish Inn & Suites, is a quaint little privately owned hotel right in the middle Marina Cove. It reminded me of a somewhat Historical Inn back in the day.

The charming, quaint hotel had just been through a makeover with a modern vibe. It was spotless, No questionable carpet which is always a plus, Comfortable Serta mattress beds and an AC unit that would cool a polar bear.

This is very important if you plan to head that way in the good old summertime because it was sweltering in Kemah. My memories of Kemah was a small little town barely a speck on the map. It has changed a bit, since my last visit.

I love seeing the boats in the marina right across from the hotel. Johnny, the manager at the hotel, was gracious and knowledgeable.

Johnny, told us of the Scottish Inn & Suites hotel transformation, with tile that came from India and about the Serta Sleeper Mattresses, laminated floors. Not to mention keeping the little hotel open as they completed a few units at a time.

It was a great comfort to myself and my family to stay at this cute, quaint Inn, instead of sleeping on the beach.

Thanks, Johnny!


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