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Pandemic & College Move-In Day

Here we are! Parents in the middle of a pandemic and getting ready to send our kids off to college. In all the uncertainty, we all have more concerns than answers at this point.

I think it's important to know the University's COVID plans and strategies for keeping the students safe. I also believe it is essential to minimize your child's risk by talking about ordering online whenever possible or have Mom and Dad send it to them.

We were checking off the list for last-minute items last night. Our go-to has always been Amazon, our goal is not having to enter a store while we are at the campus locations. I wanted to share with all the college mom's and dad's some items we have researched to save you some time. My first is Amazon Echo Show 8 because communication is so important. We have tested it, and it works great! Your child can even access it from his phone, and setup is easy.

Keep in mind going forward, there are still challenges we will face. So less is more for move-in day, in case of closure of the campus. Here are a few essentials your student might need. Amazon makes it easy! If you have any life-saving tips for move-in day, please let us know so we can share them.

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