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New Book Release!!

What I Love About My Pet

Written by Sommer Hamilton, illustrated by William Hamilton

KDP Publishing, 2020

1978257007, Paperback

A Pet Fill In The Blanks Activity Book For Kids And Adults.

What I Love About My Pet activity book Is ready for your child's fall fun. Just fill in the blanks to create your very own unique book that celebrates life with your pet. A very inspirational gift for animal lovers everywhere. Make it Silly, Sweet, or Hilarious! It’s easy and fun!

This Pet Activity Book Features:

*60 pages

*Large 8x10

* High-resolution print

*Printed with heavyweight paper

*Durable Cover

*Made in the USA



I love your book and would be happy to endorse it! What a fun way for families to record and preserve memories of their beloved pets. I can’t wait to get a copy for my grandkids.

Take care, and keep writing!


Jan Steele, MLS

Library Director

Lago Vista Public Library

My name is Serena, director of the Erath County Humane Society. We think it's so amazing that Mrs. Sommer adopted her dog, Sam, from us. It makes us very happy that she likes to make people aware of adopting dogs from shelters. Her book is so cute. We especially like the fact that you can personalize it with your own drawings & pictures  of your very special dog! If you are looking to add a new furry family member to your home, please consider your local shelter. OPT TO ADOPT!

Beth Moher,

There is nothing so special as the bond between a child and a pet.  This memory book will give families fun-filled hours building a special memory book to cherish.

Beth Mohler Elementary Principal Austin, Texas

Author Sommer Hamilton has done it AGAIN! Children and adults can enjoy this book together and much like author Hamilton’s other books, this one brings a powerful message that simultaneously gives children a unique platform to reflect on their own thinking, feeling, and choosing. This book is sure to help children have a new appreciation, love, and respect for their pets that will deepen their bond exponentially for a lifetime! This book could quite possibly be life-changing for children and for their pets. 

5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Rachel Soucier, children’s book author 

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