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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I struggle daily with pushing myself forward with writing. We can all procrastinate with the many things that also must get done. However, making your creative passion priorities needs to be at the top of the list. If not now, when?

When I’m not writing the guilt gets unbearable because it feels like I’m giving up on the one thing that brings me joy. Family time is important to me so healthy balance is always the goal. My personality is loyal to a fault. Feeling the need to validate that I’m taking myself as a serious writer, comes with completing a story.

I’m one of many who write with a similar ambition to write something that people will enjoy. Where a writer could actually earn a living doing what she knows undoubtedly she is meant to do…write. When you're trying to be this thriving artist sneaking anytime in-between domestic life is tricky. I take comfort in knowing I am not alone in this bazaar quest.

As I’m writing the post, I’m doing so in the early morning in PJ’s. My husband is sleeping in his chair with the TV on. Life goes on, one laundry load at a time while writing in-between.

Where have you managed to sneak in writing time?

If you're here leave a comment or feedback. Love to hear from you.

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