• Sommer Hamilton

Find Joy In Creating

Paint By Numbers is something I remember doing as a young girl and that I really enjoyed. Today the modern version is now more exciting than ever. In today's time, I have had the opportunity to attend events where the artists are hosting a painting class and they will give you instruction for an hour or two.

Paint By Numbers gives you the ability to unleash your creativity anywhere so you can continue your process in your own home, or with friends. You get to choose! Whether you just want to try painting to relax or explore the creative world It's a great way to fill your need to create.

I purchase Paint By Numbers for my husband for Valentine's Day for his downtime to relax and experience something new. I can't wait to see the outcome. It's also a great idea for a gift.

I wanted to mention that there was a problem with shipping. However, I explain why I had concerns and why I had purchased the gift in the first place. Paint By Numbers, representative, Vanessa sent me back a sweet email and corrected the problem immediately. That's the kind of company that I can trust and promote. Create, be happy and have fun with Paint By Numbers!

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