• Sommer Hamilton

Endorsement With A Cause

So with my latest book releasing in the fall, I am working on endorsements. This activity book will encompass the joy that a pet brings to your life and family. In connecting loving pets that are waiting for their forever home and making our world a better place.

I have reached out and received a few endorsements. This is great! However, To do some real good, I'm going to need more public and brand-help, that want to help the cause of rescuing animals.

Why would you give your endorsement to me, you might ask. I have been rescuing animals and taking them home with me as long as I can remember. My gifts as a mother of furbabies and children, empath abilities, and writer make me the perfect candidate. My latest Furbaby is named Sam, he is lying by the window in my office as I type this post.

I believe we are put here to be good stewards of all life, Mother Nature, and our planet. So please help by giving your support and bring awareness to such great cause. Your endorsement will be placed in the front/inside Jacket of the book, and the longevity will go on forever. It is crucial to get this accomplished before the fall release date.

Please email me at author.shamilton@gmail.com, and I can send you a PDF of the Interior for your review. Cover and Interior are subject to change in the final version.


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