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Copy of Transparency

As I am still working on endorsements for my book "What I Love About My Pet" for a fall release. I've clocked in some hours with research and writing. However, I feel as if I am spending more hours on research. What I am noticing from various sites is the emphasis on being one dimensional on their social media sites. When I'm looking at one of my favorite social media sites are bloggers, there's more to that person than one aspect of them. Whether it's books, merchandise, nonprofits, whatever the site. I want to see the story behind the focus. I want to connect with that person. Their sites give me their whole story.

I understand the concept of a well-staged platform. However, I find it a little dull, and I'm fast to move on. It could be just me, that is not my reality or how I live, We are not living on the set taking our cues from the director. I'm pretty transparent about my world and social media sites. When you visit my sites, you are getting my story and all things that bring me joy.

I could be very wrong about staging a site. I would like to think that as a writer and an artist, I am sharing what I am passionate about and my story. There is plenty of rule books out there, I have read a few. Still, I love the story behind the passion.

How do you really feel about this?

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