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The Queen Of Everything!

The Queen of Everything

Requirements: Have A Family Education: Common Sense Projective Growth: 1% Annual Salary: 0

The Queen of Everything has the opportunity to earn the highly coveted title of mother of the year. The state-level celebrated on Mother's Day.

If you meet these requirements you too can hold the highest honor of the Queen of Everything.

Job Description:

As a Queen of Everything, you will create policies for your family, but it will be ignored. Your response should be strategically tactful without causing a mutiny. Your job duties will also include managing your families schedules, appointments, transportation, health, medicine, as well as their worldly possessions. You will handle all family problems with the skill set to problem solve, and still manage to sit down for dinner together. You will oversee your families careers and education to meet all parties expectations. Other duties might include nagging to ensure commitments are adhered to. You will also help with spending responsibilities and making buying decisions. You will be overruled often. However, if by chance budget is not met you will be held responsible.

Other Duties not listed above will include:

Dog washing, feeding, walking, poo patrol, laundry and lots of it! maid service 24/7, the entertainment committee, pickup and delivery service, shopping, event coordinator, filing, volunteering, keeper of all keys, phones, wallets, paperwork.

Last but not least, if there is fault it is Yours!

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