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DIY Pallet Projects!

If you love DIY projects you will love a pallet project. I have to say my husband and I have done a few of them.

The best thing about a DIY pallet project is the cost is very minimal. The incredible inspiration is only limited by your imagination.

We made a few of the pallet projects and it's always great fun. Below are just a few of our pallet projects to get you inspired. All of the projects are weekend projects.

Where do you find free pallets? I find free pallets at industrial companies usually by their trash. It's not a bad idea to call them and ask if you can take them off their hands.

Have a DIY project to share? Leave a comment. We all love a great DIY project!

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This is my garden display table before and after photo.

This is my garden bench. A lot of these ideas are on my Pinerest site. So make sure to take a look at my "I Did It" board.

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