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Call To Action!

Writers have a life purpose of writing to get their readers involved. Writers write for the readers, so getting feedback is important. There are certain requirements we have to perform in order to promote our writing. One of those requirements is building an audience.

My post today is about continuing to build my audience. So I'm asking all of my friends, family, and followers to opt-in by joining my mailing list. What would that mean for you? That would mean that you would see the latest post from my website. It will also give you information on my upcoming events, new products, helpful links and so much more.

My promise to you is that you will not be bombarded with spam emails, and your private information is not shared. Content matters and I want to hear what you liked from my site or what you would like to see.

So please join my mailing list and help me continue to build audience. Share any post that that might help a family member, friend, a mom or student that also wants to become a writer.

My goal is high about ten thousand emails. Believe it or not, this is the industry standard for most writers. So my call to Action is this, if you have family, friends, know moms with children. Please past this post on and have them to Opt-in by just entering their email and checking the privacy box that's it! Thank you for your support. It's all good!

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