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A Writer's Goal For 2019

Let's get real on our S.M.A.R.T Goals Setting for 2019. The what's working and what's not working. While we're at it let's get realistic on what is going to work for the busy lives of writers. In the below six-steps to tackle our goals immediately from the start.

1. Triple my email list, the goal is 10.000.

2. Focus on two Social Media sites to grow traffic.

3. Grow product value 25% this year.

4. Dumping my Newsletter and replacing it with download templates instead for visitors.

5. Writing 500 words on a realistic schedule for myself.

6. Triple products by the end of the year.

Now let's break it down into doable steps, each week in order to have realistic goals.

First, triple my email list? Revamping my subscriber banner for my website and adding an opt-in banner in the body of my website.

Second, focus on my best two Social Media site and ramping up my sharing.

Third, taking my first product and extending value to it and repeat.

Fourth, replace Newsletter with value downloadable documents.

Fifth, for me, that twice a week 500 words and illustrations.

Sixth, by tripling value products by 2019 and work on improving ranking.

Join the challenge let's do it together! Leave me a comment of your setbacks, progress and what's working for you.

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