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My 5 Pet Peeves

As a writer when you make that final jump from filling out notebooks of writing, to actually getting your first book completed. We open ourselves to a world of critics and judgments.

The writers relentless pursue of sharing their creation with the world is an honorable one. Yet, it is not an easy one. You have to have a strong constitution and the courage of a wolf to defend your work.

Writers will always have people that have no idea what it takes, that give their advice and opinions. This has prompted me to add the list of my 5 pet peeves.

So here are my 5 pet peeves:

1. If an author graciously gives you a book, make it a priority to give the book a review. Not sure how to do that? I'm sure any author would welcome to walk you through it. For my books go to Amazon for the book and scroll down to review this book

2. If you have enjoyed an author's book, check out their other books you might like. Also, take the next step and share the author's work with your family and friends.

3. If you have questions for an author make sure to visit their website and leave a comment or comments. A lot of work and cost goes into an author's website. My website is www.sommerhamilton.com

4. If hosting an author event, make sure you have advertised well to get your audience. We are there to promote your event and sell our books. Make it worthwhile for your event and the author's time.

5. Communities should embrace there local author's, you don't have to spend a fortune to get the world genius, Elon Musk visit your school, event or festival. If you have a local author booked for your event, they have plenty of knowledge to share. Sorry, Elon didn't think you would mind me using your celebrity status to make a point.

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