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Your the Perfect Volunteer

Getting involved as a volunteer is a great way to show your child you care about their education and what's going on in their world.

Volunteers have always been an important part of your child school. Now more than ever with school budget cuts it's important to volunteer it helps keep extracurricular going and with a strong volunteer base, some of these activities are thriving.

Have you ever been to a smaller school and notice their amazing awards displays, campus, school store or concession. That's a school with a strong volunteer support system. That kind of volunteer support is also a big part of there community working together for the good of everyone.

As a high school band volunteer myself, I can tell you the wealth of information you get from teachers, kids, administrators, directors, and coaches by just being involved is priceless. The extra benefits are the memories your making with your child to form a forever bond.

You will never regret being a volunteer. I have made many wonderful memories with not just my own child, but also other band families and their children. The annual pumpkin challenge on the patio. The annual Halloween gathering at my house including kids and their parents, The cookie making and baking in my kitchen at Christmas time.

It's never too late to volunteer at your child's school, rather in preschool or high school. At a time where we are finding it harder to connect with people, it's a perfect time to connect with people that value supporting education, families, and community for all.

You don't have to wait to volunteer, just talk to a volunteer member, teacher, administrator. My suggestion is start with what your child is interested in. Will you make a difference? Absolutely!

Never volunteer before start small, if you sign up for an event be on time. Have fun with your new volunteer family. If you have signed up and are not able to make it get in touch with the person that is managing the event and let them know as soon as possible.

If your a band parent of a middle or high schooler in the LVISD and want to a part of the amazing LVHS Viking Band family, I want to hear from you.

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