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Breaking News with CreateSpace

Just announce CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing are merging! This action is in the process of happening in the next few weeks.

What will this mean for the millions of indie authors with CreateSpace? This move will offer Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to indies.

Expanded distribution to sell your book not only to Amazon Globel, and Amazon Mx, soon to be online. Amazon will also sell your paperback to physical bookstores. Which is good news to the millions of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace indie authors.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will also implement new features to purchase ads to promote your books. We look for many more exciting features to come.

The migration has begun for the members of CreateSpace with ever transitions there might be some obstacles we might have to overcome. One thing is for certain indie authors are resilient when it comes to change.

During this transition, you can contact Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Customer Support. To learn more about this move and what it means to you. Visit here. Was this post helpful? Love to get your feedback.

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