• Sommer Hamilton

Idle Time

I am always amazed at the Idle time some people seem to be consumed with. We have always been told, time and time again. Time waits for no one. Why is it that a few are challenged to pursue a life of a unique design. While others are existing in a world of the collective. You hear about their busy schedules, the to-do list, plans for vacation and their last purchase. We are consumed every day by images and voices of social media. I am seeing more and more of the artist community in an awakening to the awareness.

Awareness of idle time where nothing is produced for humanity, for the good, for the family. Many of my artist friends have completely left the social media world. Avoiding the collective world of idle chatter. Finding the ability to re-focus on their work. Work that inspires others of the possibility to do the same. I have to say reclaiming your focus is not a bad ideal. Taking yourself off some of the social media that promote violence, cruelty to animals and personal political views are at best a hostile environment. So, where do I sign up!

Imagine what you could accomplish with less distraction. What have we sacrificed to pursue a life of someone else? is what we are pursuing something that caught our eyes, are has it also captured our hearts? There is so much beauty in the world. When was the last time you met someone that you felt connected with? Did it changed your life or inspired you? Is it possible to awake ourselves to be that person? I believe we need to try. That person has so much to offer the world. We are amazing, our mind is not a cage, it's a garden that we need to cultivate.

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