• Sommer Hamilton

The Fear of Writing

Things writers must overcome to become successful.

1.Fear of promoting yourself: Writers can have the ability to second-guess their selves and miss out on an opportunity. Switching gears from creating to promoting do not always come easy. You can also wear out your welcome with self-promoting. Figuring out all the tricks and tips can be overwhelming. But it's something all writers have to do.

2. Fear of critics: The world is full of critics. Tuning out the critics to accomplish your goal can be tricky. At best it's a mind game of self-talk you play in your head. When is it a constructive criticism to propel you forward and when is it just criticism.

3. Fear of losing friends: In order to write you have to make it a priority on a daily basis which consists of lots of time writing. Sometimes that means time away from family, time away from friends and missing out on those so fun events. Mastering your home, family, and friendships is always work in progress. It's not that we don't care, we do! We also know what it takes to succeed.

4. Fear of not meeting your goals: There's nothing worse to a writer than having creative ideas and not seeing it materialize. We are usually pretty good about beating ourselves up for not completing.

5. Fear of giving up: This is a big one for writers, writers have to write they write on paper, they write in journals, they right online, they write on the go. Writers always have a pen and a notebook with them. Writers write because they have to! Given up on something that they have written is very difficult to do. A lot of time and effort was spent on manifesting the creative works for it to just sit idle feels like a failure.

There is a lot of heart and soul that goes into writing. I am always teaching my own children about the power of the pen and print. It is art, every word carefully crafted for the readers in mind. It is a selfless act of love from a creative mind. So if your reading this thank you, because you are part of my own journey. Whatever your reason, let me know what you think being a writer or reader. leave me a comment.

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