• Sommer Hamilton

Writers See the World Differently

Writers see the world differently. We seem to always be scanning our universe for the story we know is out there. With that said we have also been told our heads are in the clouds.

We're constantly piecing words together in our heads and can seem distracted. One of my own superpowers is that I am very intuitive and love getting peoples stories, I am truly interested!

Sometimes an image can open up a world of possibilities to a writer. We value different perspectives, cultures, and lifestyles. It's these weird and oddness that help us craft our passion of which there is no escape. There has even been researching study's that prove our brains see things differently.

I always have a notebook, and my phone to snap an ideal or a great picture. There's not much solitude when you have a family running around the house. It's very important to carve out time to write when the energy levels are down. Writing in the moonlight seems to be the lovely way to catch one's breath.

If all else fails I head to my local library a sanctuary for this writer. I love the quietness and the pockets you can hide out in. It's not a matter of when a writer starts to see their passion reaps its rewards but getting it out of our heads an on to the canvas.

Cultivating words and one's own unique cleverness to produce product readers could fall in love with is all apart of it. Why we do it? Well... long before we were writers we were storytellers.

There's always a constant movie playing in our heads. Images and words that we have to get down on paper.

Warriors of humility we forge ahead hoping that someone in the vast void can see the writers possibilities. And the stories never end.

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