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The Writer's Path

Most writers at least try to keep up with the writting trends that might benefit their careers of accomplishing their goals.

The gates are open now for 2018. It starts right now! Setting your goals for the new year is very exciting.

I am seeing amazing changes in the future of publishing. One of the main goals of an Indie writer is learning to work smarter not harder.

Most artists are very visual, so I am taking this commonality to a new level.

Reading more than I've ever had before with audio-books, viewing podcasts and checking out more YouTube videos.

I plan to cultivate my big ideas with the tried and true "ask and you shall receive".

Sharing my process and my setbacks. Just another way to help myself and others on this writer's journey.

I had two of my new books that were excepted for publishing by Newman Springs Publishing. This was wonderful news! However, what followed is what it was going to cost me up front.

Nevertheless to fork out $10,000 with no guarantee of my books being in the bookstores, not exactly being transparent.

My intuitive nature said just say no and I did. What I want my fellow writers to know is to be patient. Getting it perfect takes time.

Investing in your creation is a good ideal. There's a lot of costs that go into a book.

What I can say to my fellow writer's just write! write! write! Never give up.

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