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My Haunted Cottage

I am no stranger to opening my Haunted Cottage to my community. I find that it's a great way to give back to the littlest of goblins. This year is my first year for my Halloween Home Tour!

This time every year my little cottage get's it's haunting on! It's only fitting my first children's book is titled Did I Scare You?, and I live with a host of Pyrates. There's plenty to be scared of these days, but for my family, we're doing our part to keep Halloween alive for kids and adults alike.

News flash! Just because your an adult doesn't mean you can't partake in all the fun at Halloween. Who doesn't want to be a Superhero or a Pyrate. So here are some of my spellbinding decor with links to where I purchased my Halloween decorations to get your look for this Halloween.

All of the pumpkins on my fireplace are from Michael's. The little witch is from At Home, the Day of the Dead garland is also from Michael's, the scary picture and birds are from Spirit Halloween

The scary bird and owl are from Spirit Halloween, the ghost lanterns are from Hobby Lobby, the Day of the Dead skull I brought back from my trip to Cozumel, the scarecrow hat is from Aunt Ivey.

The bar area includes Skeleton Wine Cups that I picked up from CVS for a little nothing.

The haunted house and spider lantern I purchased at Hobby Lobby, the pumpkin at a local thrift store.

All pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby, the birds are from Spirit Halloween, Day of the Dead platters, bowls, and dishes are from HEB. HEB has a great collection of the Day of the Dead in our area. The beautiful pirate ship light that hangs above my table came from a little vintage shop in my area.

Thanks for stopping by my Haunted Cottage Home Tour and come back again to see what's brewing outside. Need more inspiration head over to my Pinterest site and visit my board Celebrate Halloween. Have a question are a great idea leave me a comment. We love comments! If you like my post please share!

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