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The Gates of Heaven

I have always been fascinated by the holiday that many people in Mexico celebrate, The Day of the Dead that is held the month of November. The people of Mexico believe that all of their loved ones souls are granted this time to celebrate and visit with their living.

In this time of celebration, beautiful altars are displayed in homes. It honors their dead relatives and in return, their dead relatives offer them protection, prosperity and will open the gates of heaven to other relatives that pass.

In a small desert village that borders Texas and Mexico, is a ghost town named Terlingua. One of Texas's best-kept secrets they celebrate The Day of the Dead on November 2nd in a 111-year-old graveyard. Nowhere on earth is heaven's gate more opened and the vast sky's more clear. I look forward to partaking in this ritual of life and the beyond with good friends, music, and food.

I plan to incorporate this celebration into my Halloween holiday and why not! I can't think of a better way to celebrate life and the passing of the ones we love. I will create my own altar and be ever mindful that our loved ones are watching over us. If you would like to incorporate an altar of your own, look no further then Amazon Halloween.

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