• Sommer Hamilton

Home Is Where The Heart Lives

It's been a very busy summer for my family. The moment we could get out of town and visit with our son Meredith and his wife Abigail in Rockwall, Texas we made our escape. We plan to spend Saturday at the Captain's Cove Marina just hanging out and enjoying the lake.

At the Marina, most of the boat slips are furnished with patio furniture some more lavish than others.

Across from our son's slip was the cutest little houseboat. It was outfitted with a kitchen Island, one large margarita green refrigerator, a patio table the sits four and a little bar area. The little houseboat was decorated in 4th of July garland from the past holiday.

I was definitely intrigued and was curious about the little houseboat owner. I asked my daughter- in- law Abigail and she told me about Glenda the owner of the houseboat. She is known by all at the Marina as the dock mom.

After a day of boating, floating and fishing. We ended the day by grilling out at the Marina. My thoughts were that this would be the time everyone would put away their toys and go home. I was wrong, this was the time that the Marina came to life.

There was a small breeze in the air and we were just about ready to eat. That's when Glenda arrived at the dock. She was this small framed, red head with the lovely gray eyes. There were many activities happening all around the dock. Abigail introduces us and invited her to have dinner with us. She mentions she had already had dinner and offered us to sit at her patio table as we continued to chat.

I expressed that I love her little houseboat. Its vibrant colors reminded me of Glenda, colorful and bright. My take away impression of Glenda is that she is the matriarch of the Marina. She shared with me how she loved the little houseboat it belonged to her husband Terry and he left it to her after his passing. Glenda's husband was a trucker and she said they would sit on the dock for cocktails and he would tell her he was taking his union break. She told me that after Terry passing his ashes rested there, on the lake. Her heart and her lovely memories they made on the little houseboat is where she belongs.

Glenda walks over from her condo at the Marina down to the little houseboat because that is her happy place. She believes life is meant for living, and that she still chats with Terry, who's is listening from the other side

I can't wait to go back and visit again and share life at the Marina.


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