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10 Morning Tips For Mom's On Back To School

Let's face it we all need a plan when it comes to getting out the door on the back to school shuffle. After a little investigation and many chats with moms over the years. The list below is mom's top ten. Just remember communication is key. Don't forget to share your tips with us in the comments. We love comments. If you liked the post please like, share and comment.

1. Setup a family calendar in your kitchen, that no one can miss. Hint the Refrigerator, note makes sure to communicate the process to the family.

2. Have your own planner and write it down, share with other family members via electronically. Also, communicate this process to the family.

3. Make sure your up to date with your child's school portal for grades and events notifications.

4. Set up a charging station and a place for keys in the Kitchen.

5. Block out realistic times for studying, errands and relaxing.

6. Get it together the night before. Back packs, lunches, and dinner

7. My husband's favorite saying is "if your on time your 15 minutes late". Set your clock 30 minutes earlier.

8. Get away from your home distractions go the Library to get focused.

9.Take a weekend and clear out closets and dressers. Now is a good time to donate to Goodwill for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

10. Network with moms and work on the buddy system to share upcoming events.


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