• Sommer Hamilton

Chaos In A Creative Mind

There is definitely mixed feelings regarding creative people, and to be honest it's just that many have not taken the time to really observe these creative beings.

Most would say, they are surrounded by chaos, however, if you look closely it's organized chaos. They might have been labeled in school as day dreamers, and for the most part it would be right. Some of their greatest ideas come from daydreaming.

Some might say, they keep weird hours, for the creative mind creativity doesn't clock in at the beginning of a work day.

They have many flaws and yet it's those flaws that spark curiosity.

A list might resemble the list below...

They lose track of time Risk takers Seek out new experiences Question everything

It's these flaws that have also created such beauty in our world and pulled you in for a closer look. They embrace all of their senses and follow their passion. They absorb the world and the universe around them in order to create. They are creative people and this kind of passion should be embraced and rewarded in our communities, schools and in our way of life. Share your creative passions and story! Leave us your photos and comments below.

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