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Bring It Home

As an Austin, Texas transplant due to my wonderful native Texas husband, I am proud of my Texas life and it just goes to show that love can conquer all. Texas is a beautiful place to raise a family. Our neighboring state New Orleans, Louisiana is my hometown and I've heard many conversations about home. I think on the whole most would tell you they love the food, the music, and festivals. I would be amidst if I told you I didn't miss its eclectic vibe. Benya and coffee in the morning the sounds of jazz musicians on the streets, or catching a breeze that sends the moss trees into motion. A visit can turn into a gathering on the porch. Most of the people are warm and friendly and have an uncanny gift for gab.

Newcomers are always welcome to partake in an extraordinary city that's filled with artist, dreamers, and believers. It's that incredible mix that keeps visitors coming back. It's a place for people of passion or the adventurous type. It's the world in its own right, that is cloaked in its own magic. That beautiful frequency calls out to me and resides in my heart and splashed throughout my Texas home. My home is my canvas and reflection of my vision. As a writer and artist, I am open to both in order to transform. I saw a quote somewhere "We don't hide our crazy we parade it!" And gossip....we invented! Good or bad it keeps you talking.

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